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Acid Arab: We have decided not to perform again in Israel

  French Acid Arab Statement:

In response to some propaganda claims regarding Acid Arab shows in Jaffa and Haiffa, we would like to clarify that these shows are performed in Palestinian venues, and organized by Palestinian promoters.

In the past, we played three times in Tel Aviv. We were naive enough to think that our musical project could break barriers and that we would perform for the «good» or the «right» people of Israel. But we realized recently that this is an impossible task, as Israel government, whose politic we consider as being one of reject and occupation, is too much present in every aspect of cultural life in Tel Aviv. 

We have decided not to perform again in non-Palestinians venues of Tel Aviv, nor to appear in Israel connected events worldwide.

We refuse to lend our names to a regime of occupation, lead by religious convictions instead of human rights. We will never undermine the non-violent Palestinians struggle for freedom, justice, equality and peace.

Much love and respect for all.

Facebook- 8/11/2017



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