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Australia’s flying doctors drop Israeli arms maker Elbit

The Palestine Support Network Australia- PSNA, on behalf of its member groups is pleased to announce that the Royal Flying Doctors (RFDS), South East Section, has advised us that it has not entered into any commercial or contractual agreement with Elbit Systems Australia.

The RFDS has stated that while Elbit Systems Australia was announced as a supplier of a flight simulator following an initial request for a tender process early in 2016, this has not eventuated.
We understand that the RFDS is considering alternate flight training options as part of their forthcoming Dubbo base development.

PSNA would like to thank the Australian public, who supported PSNA’s 18 month campaign against this
Australia’s celebrated Royal Flying Doctor Service has shelved a venture with Elbit Sytems, Israel’s biggest arms maker.-eosdudeproposed RFDS/Elbit association. In particular, we thank the Australian politicians and doctors who voiced their concern directly to the RFDS and to those who signed the PSNA petition and postcards.

Elbit Systems is an Israeli arms manufacturer which produces 85 percent of the drones used by the Israeli military. Elbit drones were used on successive attacks on civilians in Gaza from 2009 to 2014 and are also used for surveillance throughout the Occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. Elbit provides electronics for the ‘separation wall’ which has been deemed illegal by the International Court of Justice and produces white phosphorus bombs which were used against civilians in Gaza.
Elbit Systems is the subject of international condemnation and boycott due to its complicity with Israel’s severe breaches of international law and human rights conventions in relation to Palestinian rights.

PSNA would like to commend the RFDS South East Section for its commitment to its guidelines of dedication and integrity in its mission to improve health outcomes and save lives, by refusing to enter into any association with Elbit Systems. 

The Palestine Support Network Australia- 25/09/2017


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