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Pirate Kings: An Israeli Product for Social Media Addicts

After “Candy Crush Saga”, here is “Pirate Kings” spamming our Facebook notifications and becoming the Pirate Kingsnew addiction for many Facebook and Smartphone users.

Just visit the Google Play Store, and you will notice that Pirate Kings has been developed by the Israeli company “Jelly Button Games”[1], founded in 2011 and located since then in Kibbutz Galuyot in Tel Aviv[2].

Available to download for free on the “App Store” and “Google Play”, Pirate kings also allows players to expand Islands they have conquered by buying new items and unlocking lands for 1,500 to 76,000 Lebanese Pounds.

Although Pirate Kings could be downloaded for free, the developing Israeli company (of 1.5 million $seed capital) is actually reaping large profits from players’ cash and game requests. This is allowing the growth of a young Israeli company employing “20 experienced gaming and product unicorns”, all Israelis and five of whom are founders: Moti Novi, Ron Saranga, Ron Rejwan, Mor Shani, and Alon Lev.[3]

Bottom line: if you play Pirate kings, a game about “attacking your friends’ islands and stealing their cash”[4], you could be directly enhancing the business of people in “Israel” – an occupying power whose existence matches this game’s logic. Furthermore, downloading Pirate Kings could give this Israeli company the right to access your device’s data and to share it with other organizations.

The Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon calls all social media users to delete the Pirate Kings application and refrain from accepting or sending game requests.

Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel in Lebanon

May 13, 2015





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