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!Mashrou' Leila, condemn ‘Israel’s pink-washing tribute

Dear Mashrou’ Leila, 

 Mashrou' Leila Band

It has come to our attention that your good name is being used to cleanse crimes and white-wash occupation. 

The Zionist entity, ‘Israel,’ is hosting a tribute to you in Tel Aviv from December 13-15, in the wake of the Egyptian ‘Syndicate of Musical Professions’ ban on your performance. 

Israel is, once again, trying to ‘pinkwash’ its crimes — i.e. trying to cynically use "
gay rights to distract from and normalize Israeli occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid”.

We urge you to protect your name, and to stand publicly in opposition of this ugly attempt by the enemy state.  Please issue a public statement condemning this cynical tribute.

Campaign to boycott supporters of Israel in Lebanon

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