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Pizza Hut- "Israel” ridicules the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners

Social media outlets have circulated a pamphlet from Pizza Hut- "Israel” that ridicules the hunger strike of Palestinian prisoners and Pizza Hut-Israelone of their leaders, Marwan Barghouti.

The Boycott Campaign calls on the parent company of Pizza Hut to immediately apologize, and calls on the company's branches in Lebanon and all the Arab countries to repudiate the publication. Otherwise, the campaign will call on all Lebanese, Arabs and believers in freedom around the world to boycott Pizza Hut in all its branches. This is the least of our duties towards our prisoners, symbols of our dignity and identity.

Campaign boycott supporters of "Israel" in Lebanon

May 9, 2017

Pizza Hut Apologizes for Ad Mocking Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader but #Boycott_pizzahut until it withdraws from settlements.


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