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Boycott campaign Responds to UN Head's Resignation Over Israel Apartheid Report

Dr. Rima Khalaf chose to resign, rather than succumb to the dictates of the cowardly UNSG to withdraw Rima Khalafthe powerful, well-researched, and truthful ESCWA report outlining the four pillars of Israeli apartheid against the Palestinian people and calling for the support of BDS.
We salute Dr. Rima Khalif, for her principles and her leadership of ESCWA. We also vow to have the report available on our website, and to continue to share it widely. The struggle for liberation continues!

Rima Khalaf now joins others who have resigned in protest over UN policies, including Denis Haliday and Hans Von Sponeck who had resigned in protest of the UN Sanctions on Iraq. 

Campaign to boycott supporters of ''Israel'' in Lebanon



The  ESCWA report is available in full here.

BNC Responds to UN Head's Resignation Over Israel Apartheid Report: 


Text of Resignation Letter by ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf: 



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