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”From “Qati’ou” App to “Google Play

Greetings, Google Play' email

We were surprised to find that you have removed our application “Qati’ou” claiming that we practice Hate Speech.

We would like to inform you that the Campaign to BoycottSupporters of Israel in Lebanon, the owner of the aforementioned mobile application, is a progressive group that stands against sectarianism and racism, and believes in the peaceful method of exerting moral, economic and media pressure on apartheid Israel’s supporters in order to compel the latter to stop its illegal practices of occupation, displacement and racism against Palestinians. These tactics have previously been used by international movements who stood against apartheid regime in South Africa during the last century. Today, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement is using the same strategy in order to internationally isolate Israel for its violation of human rights and international laws.

Ladies and gentlemen at Google Play,

The policy of isolating Israel is neither racist speech nor hate speech. On the contrary, isolation is a civil strategy that seeks to force a regime to abide by the international humanitarian laws. Our application simply refers the users to the very own websites of global companies in order to document and demonstrate their support to Israel. The Israeli colonial regime was founded on the rubbles of hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages which were occupied and racially purged of their indigenous populations in 1948. This was documented by renowned historians, including the Israeli Ilan Pappe is his book, “The Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine.” Moreover, demanding companies to stop their support to Israel does not mean that we are against Jews. We are advocates of building a secular democratic state on all of historic Palestine, where all citizens can live on an equal footing without discrimination based on race or religion. What we believe in is the very opposite of racism, apartheid, and hatred. So, where exactly is “Hate Speech” in what we do?

Ladies and gentlemen at Google Play,

For 68 years now, Israel has practiced hate speech against the Palestinians by denying their right for an independent state and refusing to allow back the millions of displaced Palestinian refugees to return their homeland under the United Nations General Assembly's decision number 194. What we do, at the boycott campaign, is simply a response to that hate speech and practice using documented, scientific and accurate speech based on information available on these companies’ websites and data from renowned western publications in order to open the world’s eyes to the racist and criminal practices of Israel and try to put pressure on the latter to stop.

Ladies and gentlemen at Google Play,

We demand that you reconsider your hasty and unfair decision, a decision that violates the principles of free speech and misrepresents hate speech itself.We hope to hear a positive answer from you at the earliest.


Campaign to BoycottSupporters of Israel in Lebanon



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