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  • !Boycott Wix

    With the development of the Internet in the last decade, access to and exchange of information has increased; dependence on the Wix-Source: Al-AkhbarInternet has also increased.  Thus, it has become beneficial to build a personal or professional website on the Internet.

    Wix, founded in 2006, is part of a wave of IT companies created by individual initiatives. It facilitates the creation of personal websites, without any prior knowledge of programming languages ​​and without any direct payment. Companies of this type benefit financially through advertisements, and by exploiting the information published to them by selling them to interested companies, without the permission or knowledge of the stakeholders. 

    We, the Campaign to Boycott Supporters of "Israel" in Lebanon,  focused our attention on this company after someone alerted us to a particular news item. After investigating, we found that Wix is an Israeli company, founded by two Israelis, and headquartered in Tel Aviv. If the Israeli government is seeking agreementswith companies and international sites under the pretext of fighting terrorism, it is hard to believe that it is not doing the same with Israeli companies like Wix. Therefore, we caution against the danger of the site-building service provided by Wix and call for its boycott, in order to avoid any material support, even indirectly, and to ensure the personal and professional information of each potential user.

    Wix ranks third in the world with 5.95% of the market behind Wordpress, with 60.06%, and Joomla, with 6.44%.  
    As for alternatives, many large-scale companies provide similar services, free of charge, without any connection to the Israeli entity.

  • حملة المقاطعة: احذروا Wix

    مع تطور شبكة الإنترنت في العقد الأخير ازدادت سهولة الوصول إلى المعلومات وتبادلِها، كما زاد الاعتماد عليها. لذا، أصبح من المفيد بناءموقع شخصي أو  الأخبارمهني على الإنترنت.

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عنوان: بيروت - لبنان

عبر الهاتف: T: +961 1 858355 | M: +961 3 434643

عبر الايميل: info@boycottcampaign.com


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