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  • ''Arab Artists Back Out of Regional Show in ''Israel

    Artists, hailing from France and Lebanon, say they weren't notified that their works would be exhibited; Curator in response: Collective withdrawal due to BDS influence.

    Five well-known Arab artists whose works were supposed to be shown at a regional exhibition later this week in the city of Sakhnin have asked that their works be withdrawn from the event.

    The five artists whose works were to be on display at the Third Mediterranean Biennale are Zineb Sedira, a French Algerian; Bouchra Khalili and Yto Barrada, both French Moroccans; Walid Raad, a Lebanese American; and Akram Zaatari, a citizen of Lebanon. The theme of the biennale, which opens Thursday and runs through December 16, is "Out of Place."
    The artists said they had only discovered last weekend – thanks to an online newsletter put out by the e-flux publishing platform – that their works were going to be shown at an Israeli exhibition. They immediately contacted FRAC’s director*, Pascal Neveux, asking him to tell curator Fainaru to remove their works from the biennale and their names from all its advertising materials.

    *FRAC: Contemporary art museum in France

    June 2017

  • فنانون لبنانيون وفلسطينيون: اسحبوا اعمالنا من مهزلتكم التطبيعيّة في سخنين

    قبل أيام من انطلاقه غداً في مدينة سخنين الفلسطينية المحتلة، انسحب خمسة فنانين عرب من «بينالي البحر الأبيض المتوسط». الفنانان اللبنانيان أكرم زعتري ووليد رعد، والجزائرية زينب سديرة والمغربيتان ايتو برادة وبشرى خليلي، طلبوا سحب أعمالهم من الدورة الثالثة من البينالي الإسرائيلي تضامناً مع الشعب الفلسطيني، في خطوة تأتي ضمن حملة المقاطعة الثقافية والأكاديمية لإسرائيل.

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